January 7, 2000


Medical Pills
is a free medical microblogging project, aiming to be a quick reference tool and friendly resource for readers involved in medicine, genetics, medical practice and online medical geeks in general.

Please take one minute to read the disclaimer.

Medical Pills features debates on medicine, essays on medical genetics, tips and links to online web 2.0 / medicine 2.0 resources, all in an brief and essential style.

The author's philosphy is to share his discoveries online creating a personal blog archive, hoping it can become a lighthouse to which online medical and genetics 2.0 enthusiasts might want to come back to visit in their free time.

Medical Pills is indeed enthusiasticaly "social web" oriented.

The author is currently a med student, geneticist wannabe and web 2.0 geek. He is a great supporter of prevention of disease through a healthy and physically active lifestyle (he keeps tracks of his efforts on dailymile).

Some of the features that make it unique and time efficient:

- All the entries are written by one author based on his personal experience: no junk, only facts and recourses he really finds interesting and deserving to be shared.

- RSS Feed to which subscribe with a desktop or online reader.

- Twitter synchronization with the account @medgeek

Diigo Bookmarks shared.

- Topic indicization on right collumn to browse relevant categories.

- Site search tool.

Hope you enjoy my efforts. I'm eager to read your comments and get in touch with you!

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