January 8, 2009

Staying up to date with the latest medical insights

Staying up to date and being aware of the latest insights can indeed become a need for the practicing physician and an obsession for the medical student!

Useful suggestions can be found in 5 Tips to Stay Up-to-Date with Medical Literature from the Clinical Cases and Images Blog

In brief summary, what you could do is:
- subscribe to RSS feeds of medical journals.

- listen to podcasts.

- subscribe to searches for example on pubmed setting up automatic notifications when new results come up (using MyNCBI).

- follow interesting medical blogs.

- follow pertinent tweets on twitter (here's a list of twitter doctors and medical students).

I think everyone needs to find their own balance for what works better for them, to let these tools be the most time efficient possible, which is the key issue of all of this.

For the "subspeciality journal" rss feeds I highly suggest the nature.com web feeds, especially if you are interested in basic science. I picked up Nature Reviews Genetics and the European Journal of Human Genetics. What I did is simply to put their RSS feeds in the right column of this blog. My intention is not to read every single paper of the journal, but to give a glimpse now and then, seeing if there are interesting papers I might want to read full text.

Unfortunately the Student BMJ feed seems broken and many NEJM "topic area" feeds are way too obsolete. Not everything works perfectly in medicine 2.0!

Do you follow any specific journal RSS feeds?


  1. oh yes, it's usefull the possibility to select and find as quickly as possible the more interesting and up to date findings... expecially when you are working!
    I have a little tip: you can add some "quiz of the month" like some medical-site or extracted by them directly!

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