July 2, 2009

Are you registered as a bone marrow donor? Any long term data on G-CSF use for mobilization?

Finding an HLA compatible donor for a hematopoietic cell allogeneic transplant isn't that easy.

If a patient doesn't have brothers or sisters, the chances of finding one in a registry can be 50-70% if he is of caucasian origin, but chances fall dramatically if he is of other ethnicity or was born in a location that has seen many migrations / invasions during history for example.

Most countries won't accept donors enrolling in the registry after age 35 - 40, and keep you enrolled until age 50 - 55.

There isn't so much time to give someone an extra chance of living.

Haven't still done this step myself. I'm procrastinating it since 2 years now.

What is the most adjourned reference on the safety of G-CSF use for mobilization of the CD34+ cells in donors?

If I would ever be called... I am wondering if I would prefer a "traditional" explant...

Any thoughts on this?

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