February 24, 2011

Health Month: a social game that helps pursuing healthy lifestyle changes.

Changing unhealthy lifestyle habits isn't immediate and easy.

I would like to link an interesting video, before getting to Health Month.

Thomas Goetz in his speach "It's time to redesign medical data" states that sense of efficacy works better than fear.

Motivation plays a fundamental role in this process. This is why Health Month is worth a try.

Health Month is all about making small improvements to your health, one month at a time. Players (that’s you!) can choose 1 or more rules to try to stick to for a month from the many different dietary, fitness, relationship, mental health, and financial health behaviors that are currently in the game. 

You can set goals, virtually sign a contract to yourself and commit to your rules by referring progress day by day. 

If you follow all of your rules for a day, you get a piece of fruit. You can use fruit to heal other players who have lost life points. It’s a good thing to do, because they’ll remember you when you need to be healed in the future.

I gave it a try and committed to the following:

It's a game but I believe geeky and motivation-seeking patients could enjoy and benefit from it. 

Here is my profile on healthmonth. March is coming! Who's in?