February 26, 2011

Webicina goes mobile with a great free iPhone app!

I am enthusiastic about Dr. Bertalan Meskó's latest news: the Webicina free iPhone app. 

I consider @berci one of my "twitter mentors". When I opened my @medgeek account he was already there and his posts on scienceroll.com were - and are still today! - a great and unique resource for the latest updates in the Medicine 2.0 world. 

The Webicina iPhone app offers a selection of medical social media resources for medical professionals and for empowered patients. 
Navigation through the app is smooth and pleasant, offering a great dive through a list of medical specialties and topics. 

There is also a challenging Health 2.0 game. I'm second in the leader board at the moment, with 16 points. Someone please explain me how the user sanya managed to gain 442!

A huge standing ovation for @berci!