March 20, 2011

Colwiz: a Reference and Productivity Platform for Researchers, Academics and Students

@nlafferty has kindly notified me of colwiz, a startup from University of Oxford.

I have embedded this official slideshow that illustrates the major features:

A couple of random thoughts:

- I think colwiz has a huge potential but at the moment still needs a critical mass. I have tried to browse through groups but without success. Even with broad keywords, I haven't been able to find public ones.

- I haven't managed to drag&drop pdfs in colwiz. It seems the only way to add papers to the library is do it manually or import from a RIS file, EndNote XML, BibTeX, LaTeX: which is perfect but it assumes you are using another program already. Once titles are imported, then a feature promises you to automatically find the pdf manuscripts.

- You have to sign in using an educational / academic email and I haven't found a way to change it later.

- The task and calendar feature are very promising but not very useful unless you have other lab / clinic team members on colwiz. 

- Each paper has an "activity stream" where colwiz users can leave comments. I am not sure though if it's for privacy reasons, that I can't click on "1 reader" and see who has it in his library. It would be a very interesting social feature!

Drop a comment to share your experience!