June 17, 2011

Is Inkling a good reason for a medical student to buy an iPad?

If an iPad should be mandatory in medical school, has started to be questioned at least over a year ago on KevinMD.com. Now some medical schools even require students to own one.

Is this marvelous piece of technology capable of directly enhancing learning? 

@nlafferty has just linked on twitter 5 ways a pediatrician uses her iPad, but also has discussed that on an infographic on UK iPad Usage, learning is not contemplated among the various usages.

Is the iPad just another tool to browse, email, shop, read media or has it more to offer? 

Students and professionals in general don't just read: they need to highlight, take notes, create crosslinks between material. 

Annotating a pdf on an iPad seems to be a real challenge. Is even highlighting and easily syncing with a laptop / desktop device possible? 

I don't know to what extent Inkling is being adopted, but it is definitely fascinating.

You could have your entire social network turn into a learning network.

This would be fantastic indeed. This is what I am looking for.

But Inkling doesn't allow to import pdfs. How could you get the most out of chapter or journal papers PDFs that you might have from other sources? Is there any app that does what Inkling does with the books in its catalogue?

At the moment, is Inkling a good reason for a medical student to buy an iPad? Are there other good reasons - a part from portability - that make an iPad better than a desktop computer for a medical education? 

Thanks for your attention, I would love to read your opinions and tips.