June 8, 2011

Should StudyBlue enhance Evernote integration to become the future facebook for nerds?

If you don't know, I am a great adopter of flashcards and I praise for mobile and efficient productivity solutions. 

This is why StudyBlue has really caught my attention, especially when Evernote announced "Turn Your Evernote Notes Into Flashcards with StudyBlue". 

But there's a problem: integration isn't really as I had expected it. Once Evernote Notes are imported inside StudyBlue, they are not made instantaneously a deck of flashcards.

The instructions are:
To create a flashcard, click on the note you want to use and select ‘Retype as Flashcards’ from the View As menu. From there, you’ll be able to create flashcards based on the materials you’ve selected....

You might not be familiar with the StudyBlue interface, but trust me, unfortunately, this extra step doesn't make the Evernote sync-to StudyBlue a time-efficient solution. It truly adds contents to StudyBlue, making it an interesting resource of scattered (even if a meticulous attempt to classify everything by course - department - year - professor is made) educational material. But I don't see the real benefit for the Evernote user.

On the other hand, the Evernote Peek (ipad2 app) integration works differently:

Go to Evernote and make a new notebook. Then, make some notes. The note titles will become the clues and the note bodies will be the answers.

I thought this was how the Evernote – StudyBlue integration worked (and should work). Instead notes imported from Evernote in StudyBlue become just simple "documents", and flashcards can be make only directly within the StudyBlue interface. I think this limits a lot the integration.

When this integration will run more smoothly, I believe StudyBlue has full potential to become the ultimate facebook for nerds. 

I would like to read any thoughts and strategies you use for digital flashcard production. After years of handwriting, I switched to Mental Case (Mac - iPhone app).