July 1, 2011

Google+: the ultimate tool for social geeks

Google+ has arrived! I am confident that the 500 employees & $585 million investment in this new project-platform-product have set the basis for what will be a revolution of our daily internet experience. Nonetheless, what I've perceived today is a lot of skepticism, after the recent flops/setbacks of Google Health and Google Wave.

My first impressions are enthusiastic. Google+ has enormous potential and can become the future of private and social communication. Fresh and slim design, no gaming distractions, no 140 word limit. Yes, it sets itself between facebook and twitter. There is a necessary condition: people willing to adopt this new tool and even migrate from other platforms. If I really have to say, I think its competing more with facebook, since twitter can be easily synced with Google Buzz, which I have ultimately activated today. In few words Google+ has given me an excellent impression of being a professional and versatile platform.

My profile page:

Google+ harvests my info, links, visual media, +1s (yes, from now on there is a good reason to press that +1 envelope) and buzzs: all in one place, making it very simple and time efficient to build a learning network.

I can search for peers and mentors, add them to a specific "circle" as if it was a group of people sharing the same interests. In this way I can follow their updates and decide with who I want to share my own.

I have kept my profile essentially minimal: I am not a medical professional and I am not entitled nor I will ever give any sort of medical advice online, so I believe an anonymous profile serves my scope to share views and knowledge on scientific and clinical, medicine and genetics topics.

If you are registering with your full name and want to add friends and family, I believe Google+ is giving you the privacy tools to administer your private and professional dimensions. Nonetheless cautiousness and responsibility is mandatory until you fully have confidence on the platform and its future developments.

Feel free to add me in one of your circles using: suxtony (@all the rest of the google email...)