April 5, 2008

Fitnessrocks: an Excellent Podcast on Fitness and Medicine

I was listening to a news roundup of Johns Hopkins Medicine Weekly Podcast, which I reviewed in the last post. There has been a trial on restriction of computer and television use by kids (which lost weight - but not because they moved more but because they decreased the intake of calories). I was wondering if the same thing happens to medical students who stay online blogging, reading other student's blogs and studying on online resources: are we eating more and getting fat?

Since many of you suggested I could point out other interesting podcasts, to stay in topic of medicine and fitness, I would realy like to mention Fitness Rocks authored by Monte Ladner, M.D who is passionately podcasting since almost 2 years now, having produced nearly 100 great episodes.
Fitness Rocks is a podcast providing a weekly review of the current medical research regarding the association between lifestyle and health. There is an enormous amount of research in this area appearing every week in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, and, as I just pointed out, it goes largely unnoticed by the average practicing physician and the general public.
I think listening to Fitness Rocks - I take it on my ipod while running - is an excellent way to stay updated on recent papers and enjoy a motivational talk.

You might also want to listen to Fit Talk Live which is more of a talk between doctor Monte and Adam Tinkoff, the Zen Runner.


  1. You doing well on your running. Keep up the pace!

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