May 19, 2008

ClinicalCases Blog Presents a "Competitor":

I want to make a great plause for the Clinical Clases blog that I have regularly on my feeds. Very honestly it introduces today a new online open access - peer reviewed journal: the Cases Journal.

Cases Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing case reports from any area of healthcare that are understandable, ethical, authentic and include all information essential to its interpretation. Case reports will be archived in PubMed Central, and incorporated into our forthcoming database of case reports.

The reasons for this new journal are exposed in it's first editorial. Fortunately this is not one of those "physicians only" resources, which students can't even look into. Cases Journal states it's meant to be for everyone, and everyone is invited to give a contribution with comments.

I personally find the website's structure still a bit too primitive, but I hope, as more papers start being published, that new features will be implemented, making it a real web 2.0 learning community.


  1. As a PDF fan I like the option for having the articles in PDF format.

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