January 14, 2009

Medical Boards and Medical Mnemonics

V. Dimov, M.D. has just updated a very interesting post on How to Score Well on the Boards which I highly recommend: many tips and links to useful resources!

About USMLE just a quick link to Scrub Notes: A Medical Student Blog - which is sharing the author's current experience in dealing with First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, QBanks, etc.

Since we're talking about this, I've also noticed that MedicalMnemonics.com has become a quite extensive database, with the possibility to go portable on PDA!
Extremish.com is another website on medical mnemonics I know of.

Are there any other notable medical mnemonics websites you know of?


  1. V Dimov is a great guy and one of the pioneers medbloggers, but I don't agree with this part of his post, "Remember the following useful strategy, when you practice with MCQ:
    - read the 1st line (age? background?)
    - read the last line (what are they asking me?)
    - read the answers".

    For step 1 the Qs are not that long so you don't need to skip any info. For step 2 you need to read everything (of course you need to train to be selective in your reading), because there is important information you can miss if you jump from the first sentence to the last one. And another important point. Never read the answers before you finish reading the question.

  2. Google books is another resource I stumbled across when I was searching for mnemonics online.

    Differential Diagnosis mnemonics: http://www.google.com/books?id=lIO2m1wdgCwC&printsec=frontcover

    Mnemonics in Clinical Medicine: http://www.google.com/books?id=EZznuPqGoeUC&printsec=frontcover

  3. Great links Clinton! Thanks!

  4. Hi Alberto! I changed the name of the mnemonics website from http://extremish.com (which will stay as a parked domain for another one year) to http://mnemocine.net .

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