January 13, 2009

Mountain and Expedition Medicine: Kenneth Kamler MD

I went on fora.tv and was very surprised to find featured this video: Dr. Ken Kamler Remembers 1996 Everest Disaster

I'm a big fan of Kenneth Kamler MD (wikipedia). I've read 3 or 4 years ago his books

Surviving the Extremes - a doctor's journey to the limit of human endurance


Doctor on Everest - Emergency Medicine at the top of the world, a personal account including the 1996 disaster.

Dr. Kamler is a hand microsurgeon who started to enjoy nature and expeditions getting further and further involved in more extreme adventures, from the Amazonian forest to mount Everest. I found his books "extremely" inspirational and well written so I highly recommend them.

I'm not into expedition / mountain medicine, so all I know is from these books I have read.

I would really appreciate any suggestions on other medical books on this topic.

Here are two facebook groups from which get some hints and info on the subject:
Mountain Medicine
This is one of the subspecialities in Medicine that basically deals with hypoxia, especialy hypobaric hypoxia around the wolrd. The hypoxia cases can be in Operation theatre, Intensive care unit, wards, Emergency units and of course in high altitudes in the likes of Andes, Alps, Hindukush, Karakoram and Himalayas!

Expedition Medicine
Expedition and Wilderness Medicine provides quality training for expedition, wilderness, high altitude, mountain, remote, polar, jungle and desert medicine practitioners. Suitable for doctors, wilderness EMT's, first responders, nurses and individuals providing medical cover in remote or inhospitable environments far from help.

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