February 5, 2009

Breast implants on minors: an open debate

The "iatrogenic" D-cup size breasts of a participant of Italy's "Big Brother" TV reality, have opened an ethics discussion on Italian newspapers and in various parliament committees.

The news claim that recent poll has revealed that 36% of minors don't like their body, that 17% don't like their breasts and that 14% of teenagers 16-17 would go for a breast implant.

Politicians are discussing with plastic surgery societies whether to promulgate a law that forbids breast surgery on minors, even with the family's consent, if there are no "medical conditions" that justify it. This would mean no implants on teenagers under 18 for purely esthetic reasons.
In an interview a plastic surgeon states that probably at least until age 21 we don't fully develop our body perception and, nonetheless, we are still possibly growing.

What are the laws in your country on this matter? Do you think there should be a limit and would it be useful to safeguard minors?

FDA - Breast Implants Consumer Information
Italian Big Brother Participant Video on Youtube

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