February 4, 2009

Eponyms in Ophthalmology

Here's a (paradigmatic) list of medical eponyms and technical terminology that tumble upon a medical student studying Ophthalmology.

I wonder how many of these a medical doctor still remembers. Any feedback?

Albini's E
Amsler's test
Arterial ring of Zinn-Haller
Bergmeister's papilla
Bjerrum's scotoma
Bowman's membrane
Bruch's membrane
Brucke's muscle
Cloquet's canal
Copper's orbitonometer
Dalrymple's sign
Descemet's membrane
Elschnig perls
Elschnig's ring
Goldman lens
Goldman-Etienne perimeter
Harms perimeter
Hasner's valve
Heidelberg Retina Tomograph - HRT
Henle glands
Javal-Schiotz Ophthalmometer
Koeppe lens
Krause glands
Landolt's rings
Lincoff's laws
Lotmar visometer
Manz glands
Muller's cells
Muller's muscle
Paton's lines
Riolano's muscle
Schiotz tonometer
Schlemm's canal
Schwalbe's line
Shaffer-Etienne classification
Stellwag's sign
Sturm's Conoid
Tenon's capsule
Vossius ring
Weiss ring
Wolfring glands
Wood's light
Zeiss lens

Last update: 2/4/2009

If this is not enough, on the website "Who Named It?" there are 501 entries for the category "eyes and vision" - enjoy! (link)

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