February 27, 2011

Bad Project (Lady Gaga parody) gets over 2 million views in one month!

Shortly before discovering this video, I was reading on Science of Blogging:
In short, the use of social media has given us a tremendous outlet by which to translate and promote scientific knowledge and engage the public discourse. We strongly believe that all scientists, researchers, clinicians, government and not-for-profit organizations have much to gain by adopting an effective and viable social media strategy.
A common social media viral marketing technique, is to unleash a catchy video, that people will spontaneously share on their personal blogs, facebook pages, etc. 

Researchers from Hui Zheng lab (molecular genetics of Alzheimer's disease) have mastered it: the following video has collected over 2 million views in one month. Impressive!

Think of the educational and fundraising potentials if only more scientists could spend a tiny slice of their time sharing everyday experiences and knowledge online.