April 2, 2011

42tasks a Wunderlist clone? the productivity apps phenomenon needs to be clear.

I've recently talked about productivity tools and Wunderlist as a great to-do app for busy medical students and researchers.

Yesterday night I've discovered 42tasks, a brand new app on Apple's iPhone store. 

Not only it reminded me of 43things.com but it seems to be a Wunderlist clone.

You can make your own considerations:



Besides the project idea and website colors, even the iconis in both apps!

Twitter itself had many clones in the first years (many of you might remember Pownce for example) but I have never seen such a similarity between two different websites/apps. 

Since many users (500.000 as recently stated) are relying on Wunderlist, I think it is necessary that these start ups are as transparent as possible, stating if there are any relationships between 42tasks and Wunderlist, eventually who came first, and what are their ambitions for the future.