June 7, 2011

Will GE Healthcare's Twitter Challenge "Get Fit” reach the spotlight? #getfit

GE Healthcare has recently launched a noble cause challenge "to raise public awareness about cancer prevention and healthy living". 

Rules are simple (or maybe not).

For the next two months, the “Get Fit” campaign will encourage people from all over the world to tweet about their own health and fitness activities that have been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.
Continents will compete against one another to race towards fitness. At the end of the competition, one country’s Red Cross or Red Crescent Society, on the winning continent, will receive a donation of $20,000 based on an open vote.

So everyone interested must check this webpage and take their time to select their country's hashtag (#getfit_USA for example)
As participants tweet about their healthy activities, the cells hovering over each continent will gradually change from a ‘risky red’ to a ‘healthier green’ color

The world cells don't seem healthy at the moment. But the challenge has just started and there are still two months to go.

Which cells will turn green faster? I think Brasil has the most fervent twitter community, so I point on Latin America to be the continent to win the challenge!