June 7, 2011

Healthysparx: a Quora-like attempt for health questions

Thanks to TNW's article Healthysparx is Australia’s Quora for Health Problems I have been giving a try to Healthysparx

I've appreciated the clean interface and simple facebook/twitter signup. Besides the fact that its contents still need to build up, I fear that the lack - at the moment - of user engagement tools, might not bring  enthusiasm to this new project. 

The user profile is way beyond being minimalistic. I think at least two lines of bio and the possibility of displaying a couple of user-related links (blog, social networks, etc) is mandatory. 

The point system could be more thoroughly developed, but it must work first. I have answered two questions (one in the "bonus" section) and "resparked" one, but my counter is still on zero. 

Healthysparx has the potential to become a great platform to create an empowered community of users around health-related topics, but without user-centered tools, it risks to be a collection of "copy&pastes" from medscape, NIH and any other authoritative healthcare resource on the web and doesn't prove itself to be a "lot more fun" experience (than Quora).